PRODUCTS::: FIBER OPTICS ::: Video Link, Audio Link, Data Link, Video & Audio Link, Video Data Link, Video & Audio & Data Link, Telephone Link, CFL-Center, V-MUX , Rink Type Link
Tops Video,Audio, & Data Link converts Video signals from cameras, Audio signals from microphones and RS-232/422/485 Data signals to optic signals and transmits up to 80km. It has the function of digital Mux/Demux, so various combinations of signals and multi-channels can be transmitted via one core of fiber line only.
      - Multi-channels(ex>video 1/2/4ch & audio 1/2/4ch & data 1/2/4ch) & diverse distances (up to 80km) are available.
      - Standalone Type, Line-card Type for 3U height chassis & 1U Rack Type

- Composite (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, RS-170, CCIR)
- 5KHz ~ 10MHz video bandwidth
- 112Kbps data rate
- RS-232/422/485 data duplex operating mode
- < 1/109 bit error rate
- 2.2Vp-p(600 Ohm) input audio signals
- 20Hz ~ 20KHz audio bandwidth
- Transmission distance up to 80km(at 1310nm SM)
- 7~25Vdc or 12~24Vac free-volt power input
- > 65dB SNR
- Digital modulation
- Ambient operating temperature : -40~70°C
- ST connector (Other connector optional)


1. IP Network Systems

2. Cameras

3. DVR

4.  Fiber Optics

5. Disk Array

6. Servers